Agrihouse, always able to provide and to support all of your needs for a High- Tech Greenhouse.

What Can We at Agrihouse offer you:

The Horticultural Industry is continually growing and developing also the technical part of the Greenhouses are growing with it. Therefore, it is most important that your Greenhouse are based on the best design and quality of materials. Agrihouse are operating with experienced European Staff who have many years of experience within the Horticultural Industry they will ensure that all designs and products quality meets with full Nen and Euro Codes. Agrihouse are able to produce according to the customer’s specifications as required. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

Everything concerned with and needed in Greenhouses Agrihouse can supply for you as.

Design, Steel Structure, Aluminum Systems, Glass, Heating, Water discharge, Water storage, Fertigation, Irrigation, Computer Systems, Electrical, Machinery & Equipment

Which Types of Greenhouses Are We Talking About?

Agrihouse can provide you with all of the standard Venlo types, in standard bay sizes (8, 9.60, 12 and 12.80 meters) and in several different heights, this with our own designed aluminum roof is a Agrihouse stronger than any others. Custom made production is no problem either. In addition, we offer further options concerning the type of glass. Choosing the right glass for the crop is an important factor. If you would like to know more about the various types that Agrihouse have to offer, please feel free to ask and we would gladly inform you.